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£4,913.00 raised
GOAL: £1,000.00

We stand up for each other.


And now, more than ever, that's what we need: Communities that stick together in the face of difficulty. 

ACORN is bringing us together and building a union of communities prepared to do just that. We've stood together as neighbours and forced slum landlords to fix up our homes. We've won City Council backing for better conditions for renters. We've taken on landlords and estate agents over rent rises. And we've made dangerous streets safer for our kids. We're taking action.

Joining ACORN means you're chipping in to help.

No one can help us but ourselves. That's why we chip in. Just a few pounds each can pay for what we do.

And in return we're there for our members.

We provide advice and support. We defend each other when we face difficulty. We provide training and political education. And we build powerful campaigns for a better quality of life. Together we're building more caring communities. 

Now is the time. Join us today.

To chip in yearly, click here.

To set up a standing order, please arrange your monthly payment to: ACORN, Cooperative Bank, 089299, 65713219

 If you have any problems, questions or want to join offline please contact us.

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